Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Rua Campos Salles, 350 Marília-SP

my second-cousin Paulo Roberto Camargo, his sister Mariângela and their aunt Beatriz Scarpetti having my grandfather Giovanni Battista Darin's house in the background. The original wooden house was torn down circa 1934 and a brick house was built circa 1949.
Beatriz commands the children: Mariângela Camargo, Beatriz, Herminia Maria Batista, José Carlos Batista & Paulo Roberto Camargo.
Beatriz Scarpetti resting on the stoop that leads to the causeway that connected my Grandfather's porch with the street gate. See the lamplight in the background. 
Paulo Roberto at the back yard of the house on Rua Campos Salles, 350. See the picket fence that divided my Grandfather's house from the house next door which was still made out of wood. 
In the backyard circa 1952: Rosa Darin, Angela Darin holds her grandson Paulo Roberto Camargo, Edson Scarpetti looks on from behind - between Paulo & Angela; Betty Scarpetti Camargo & Beatriz Scarpetti.