Saturday, 10 December 2011

Darin uncles and aunties

Luiz Darin, Corina Lopes and Vandyr, their little boy.

Rosa Darin and sister Yolanda [my future Mother] and Valdemar grinning at the background.

On a hot summer day's under the mango tree - in Marilia in the 1939 - from left to right: Valdemar Darin, Jeny Corsini, Kaneno - Kaneno again, Yolanda & Rosa Darin.

Rosa & Yolanda Darin sometime in the 1980s.

America Darin, myself and Rosa Darin in 1990. It was the last bit of negative I had in the camera... which is a shame because America died a little later. I used to love both aunties: tia America was as sweet as can be... and tia Rosa was really religious and hard-working.

Marianna Darin's only known photo

Marianna Da Rin Zoldan holding a grandchild or perhaps a great-grand-child.

Marianna Darin arrived in Brazil in 1888 with her older brother Giovanni Battista and a younger brother Francesco Apolonio. They came along with their father and mother who died less than 7 years later.

Marianna married an Italian man called Favero, in São José do Rio Pardo-SP and had a large family. Her brother Giovanni [who is my maternal grand-father] lived in the same area but moved on to Marilia-SP in 1927 taking his brother Francesco and his family along.

Francesco died in 1928 and Giovanni never saw his only sister again. Somehow I found this picture of Marianna's in my grand-father Giovanni's stuff after he died. Marianna must have sent it to him. They looked like a lot!

This is Adilson Darin, my uncle Octavio's oldest son. It was common to take snapshots of children playing with chooks in those times [early 40s].  Marilia-SP.

Francisco José de Almeida's birthday party

Beatriz holds Francisco José's hand to cut his cake. Father Chico looks on and smile. Rita de Cassia Batista search for something she's lost... and Herminia smiles sweetly.

a lot of young hopefuls vie for a photo oportunity at Francisco's birthday party. Zé Carlos Batista is the young fellow with a pompadour. Paulo Roberto Camargo is at Zé's left-side. Herminia Batista has a white bandana on her head & Mariângela Camargo is at her side... the only adult here is Geraldo Camargo with a cigarette in his mouth. 

Maria Darin Dutra is the lady in the foreground munching on a cake. That's the only photo I have of Maria Dutra. Francisco de Almeida Senior is holding a beer glass to the camera; Betty Scarpetti, Beatriz's sister, is the lady on the right-hand side foreground.  

Maria Redondo Batista holds Rita de Cassia in her arms while Chico Almeida and Beatriz Scarpetti Almeida look on.

Maria Redondo and her youngst daughter Rita de Cassia.

left to right: unknown girl, Mariângela Camargo and Hermínia Maria Batista, not too long after Francisco José's birthday bash.

Francisco de Almeida AKA Chiquinho in a photo someone posted at the Marilia Memorias group at Facebook. The text says: 'Acorda, Stella, vem à janela que a noite é bela'. 

João Baptista Darin Filho - Times & Life (uncle)

João Baptista Darin Filho was one of my Mother's brothers. He was actually child # 9 of 13 children. He inherited his father's Brazilian name Brazilian name. His father Giovanni Battista was blondish and his mother Erminia was darker. João Baptista took after his mother having a crop of black hair and swarthy looks. 

João Baptista married late in life just when everyone thought he would remain a bachelor for life. He married when he was 39 years old. 

He had worked at an operator at Cine São Luiz and Cine Marilia, As he liked to toy with cars and trucks he ended up becoming a mechanic.

Work Permit with photo taken in 31 October 1939
João started working as a mechanic at Fabrica de Cigarros Sudan S/A at Avenida 10 de Novembro, 859 in 1 March 1940. He earned 420 thousand reis monthly. 

João Baptista Darin Filho (right) with a fellow of his - Marilia-SP 1930s.

Rosa Darin & her brother João Baptista Darin in the early 30s.

Rosa Darin, her father Giovanni Battista Da Rin & her two brothers João & Valdemar disguised as fruit in the background.

João Darin some time in the early 1940s - Marilia-SP.

João Darin being playful at a Marilia bar-room.

João Darin seen on the double...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Last train from Marilia

this was the last train to depart from Marilia's station - circa 1997.

This is all that's left from the once mighty train-yard in Marilia.

a typical wooden house built in the 1940s in Marilia-SP.

Marilia's abandoned train station in the late 1990s.

That's all that lasted from the former glory of the Cia. Paulista Railway... an iron sign saying Marilia-SP is 465 kilometres away from São Paulo-SP.