Thursday, 18 September 2014

Macera family

As the original settlement of Alto Cafezal started growing fast in the 1920s many European immigrant families thought of moving to that new Eldorado. My Mother's family Darin arrived in what was already called Marilia in November 1927. They were a big family with mother, father and 12 sons and daughters plus a few in-laws.

Two of these Darin kids ended up marrying into the Macera family that arrived from Rio Claro-SP a few years later. Octavio Darin, the 8th child of my grandparents married Sebastiana Macera and later on, Olimpia Darin aka Nina, the 10th child married Domingos Macera the 7th kid from the Macera clan.

Paschoal Macera was born in Italy in 1 July 1881. We don't know much about his early life. He married Adelina Giovanni (born in 8 September 1882) in Rio Claro-SP in 20 July 1901 and had many children; 10 of which lived to adulthood.

Filomena known as Nucia, married a man called Fredemberg and had Yvone & Euri.
Sebastiana married my uncle Octavio Darin and had 2 boys: Adilson & Octavio Luiz.
Vicentina never married. She worked as a nurse at Gota de Leite and other hospitals.
Odila married Lazaro J.S.Netto (born in 21 April 1912) and had a daughter called Cleumara.
Pierina married Oswaldo Coelho and had 2 boys: Orestes & Ozires.
Emília (Zica) married Carlos Santilli and had Ofelia, Lila & Carlinhos.
Domingos (Mingo) married my aunt Olimpia (Nina) Darin and had Ariene & Aristeu.
Wilson Macera
Nelson Macera married Marizete and had a boy
Maria Macera married Armindo Arnaldo Vieira (born in 29 January 1912).

As far as I know, the Macera family moved to Marilia because son-in-law Carlos Santilli (born 11 Jan 1900), who was a bit of a business man and entrepreneur had moved to Marilia first, was involved with the football club and local society. As Santilli knew his brother-in-law Domingos (aka Mingo - born in 29 Oct 1914) was a good football player he told him he would have a brighter future moving there.

I don't really know if Mingo arrived in Marilia by himself or with his father, mother, brothers and sisters. Anyway, the whole Macera family took the morning train leaving Rio Claro-SP and arrived in Marilia at twilight one day in the early 1930s. They built a house on Rua Nelson Spielmann where they lived for decades.

When Mingo married Nina in 1938, he built a house on Rua Rio Grande do Sul, where he lived until his death in 22 Nov 1981. Other Macera sisters also moved to houses nearby Mingo's at Rua Rio Grande do Sul.

Sebastiana Macera marries Octavio Darin in 8 Dec 1936 ; Nina Darin marries Mingo Macera in 31 May 1938, 
souvenir of Octavio & Sebastiana's wedding 8 Dec 1936.
Yolanda Darin, her sister-in-law Sebastiana Macera & Octavio Darin with Joly. 
Sebastiana says 'adieu' to the Daughters of Mary in 28 Nov 1936; Paschoal Macea & Adelina Giovanni celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 20 July 1951.

Carlos Santilli (11 Jan 1900 + 23 Sep 1954); Emilia Macera Santilli (18 Dec 1906 + 30 Sep 1983); Orpheu Raphael Santilli (17 Aug 1926 + 19 Sep 1990); Marcos Aurelio Santilli (20 Oct 1964 + 10 July 1978) & Guilherme Bazzo Santilli.