Friday, 22 July 2011

Marilia-SP Cidade-moça (Maiden city)

Giovanni Battista Darin's family moved to Marilia-SP in November 1927 before the place was a municipality. They hailed from São José do Rio Pardo-SP in the northern part of the São Paulo state and settled in a wooden house built in the corner of Rua Minas Gerais [nowadays Rua 9 de Julho] and Rua São Luiz.

In 1932 they moved to a wooden house on Avenida Rio Branco and later on [early 40s] they moved to a wooden house on Rua Campos Salles, 450. 

Circa 1948 Giovanni Darin built a brick house at the same address which still stands today.

Here are some of the Family's photos through the decades.

A familia de João Baptista Darin mudou-se para Marilia-SP em Novembro de 1927.

Betty, Beatriz holding Paulo Roberto & Rosa Darin on Rua Campos Salles - 1953. 

Marilia's main drag - Av. Sampaio Vidal circa 1949.

 This is how I remember São Bento's Park in the 1950s. Those cement frogs used to squirt water from their mouths.

 This street went from São Luiz to Avenida... the main shopping area in the 1950s.

Marilia-SP 1930s

Primeiro Grupo de Marilia-SP - 1933.
Rosa & João Darin, brother & sister circa 1932.
Angela Darin circa 1930.
João & Valdemar playing a practical joke... as if they grew on trees... plus their sister Rosa & daddy Giovanni. Circa 1937.

Marilia-SP 1940s

João Darin Filho [right] & a friend.
Summer time under the mangos trees in the back yard... cousins Valdemar & Jenny, Kaneno and sisters Yolanda & Rosa.
Sisters Beatriz [2and from left] & Betty [2nd from right] plus cousin Zuleide [3rd from right] at São Bento Jardim. 
same Sunday afternoon in 1948... just relaxing and posing for photos at Jardim.

Marilia-SP 1950s

Familia Darin com participação dos Macera, Scarpetti & Amorim - 1951.
Rua Campos Salles, 450 - Familia Darin em 1951.
Rua Campos Salles em 1955.
Casa da rua Campos Salles, 450 - Beatriz em data incerta.
João Amorim and Augusto Vieira in Marília.


 Alecio gives his sister Beatriz away to Francisco.
Herminia is the flower girl.
It's almost over, Herminia!
Hallelluya! Now I can breathe!