Saturday, 18 February 2017

Altina's 83rd birthday on 2nd August 1980

a little Bible-reding done by Dulce before the singing of 'Happy Birthday' dear Grandma!
Grandmother Albina could not count the candles... 
cousins Paulo Cesar & Regina Celia.
Regina Celia Amorim
Elaine watches while Rute & Regina fix the balloon... Sandra & Luis Fernando watch too.
balloon blowing is a major activity... from left to right - behind to front: Maria Lucia, Regina Celia, Luiz Carlos Ribeiro (Ramilo's adopted son), Kelly Cristina, Rute, Elaine, Claudia, Sandra, Arnaldo, Paulo Cesar & Luis Fernando. 
Sandra, Regina, Rute & Kelly sucking her index finger... 
balloon blowing as a major activity... 
Maria Lucia being cheeky while Luiz Carlos watches... 
Roldão Lacerda & wife Cida Corneglian; Edes Garbellini, Dulce Roza, Altina Rosa, Yolanda Darin & Claudio Amorim. 
Great-grand-children Kelly Cristina, Elaine, great-grand-mother Altina Rosa de Jesus, Sergio & Ricardo Coelho. 
Sergio & Ricardo Coelho, Elaine, Arnaldo Amorim & Kelly Cristina.
Tutti quanti... including Myself, the photographer... PauloCesar, Luiz Carlos Amorim, Regina, Rute, Albina, Luis Fernando, Sandra, Arnaldo, Claudia, Gabriel, Belenice, Maria Lucia, Luiz Carlos Ribeiro.
Cida do Roldão (Aparecida Coneglian) & Dulce Roza clowing with her kitten... 
João Amorim, Yolanda Darin, Francisca de Oliveira, Guilhermina & husband João Martins Amorim.
Maria Rosa was Albina's baby child... forever...
Maria Rosa being pampered by her mother in her eighties... 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Albina, Fernando, Antônia, João, Dulce & Mario

Albina Rosa de Jesus, Fernando Antonio Amorim, Antonia, João, Dulce & Mario Amorim.
Claudio Amorim; Fernando Antonio Amorim.
Pedrina Amorim was Virgilio Amorim's daughter; Roldão Lacerda was Maria Rosa de Jesus's son. Maria was Albina de Jesus' siter.

Altina Rosa de Jesus 80th birthday party 1977

Claudete Oliveira Amorim, Rute Maria Amorim, Erica Karg, Dulcineia Coelho & Sandra Helena Amorim.
Claudete, Rute, Erica, Dulcineia & Sandra.
Claudio Amorim, Claudinei & Arnando; Claudio Amorim & João Amorim.
Luis Fernando Amorim.
Erica Karg & her mother Antonia Amorim Karg. 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Claudio Amorim & Francisca de Oliveira

a teen-ager Claudio Amorim.
The wedding party at Rua Rio Claro in Marília - 1950: Francisca & Claudio wedding in Marilia-SP: from left to right clockwise: Nair, a neighbour, Antonia Amorim, Francisca & Claudio, Mario Amorim, Virgilio Amorim; Fernandinho Amorim (crouched), Maria Rosa, Dulce & Gabriel Marcolino Coelho and Nadir at last. 
Francisca & Claudio.

Claudio Amorim was born in Marilia-SP on 6 December 1934 - the 6th child of Fernando Antonio Amorim & Altina Rosa de Jesus. He was their first child born in Marilia for all of the previous ones had been born in Ourinhos-SP. But the Amorim Family moved out of there just after the 1932 Revolution.  

Claudio had always been a precocious and eager young man. Not long after he reached puberty he let it be known to his parents he intended to marry sooner than later. 

Claudio used to visit his cousins, uncles and aunts in Ourinhos quite often. He used to stay at his uncle Virgilio Amorim's who was married to Stela and had only girls. Joãozinho, the only male had been adopted when his mother Catarina died in Avaré. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

on Rua Rio Grande do Sul, 390...circa 1945

from left to right front row and then anti-clockwise: Francisca de Oliveira, Antonia Amorim, Petra, Altina Rosa de Jesus; Nadir Martins, Nair Martins, Maria Rosa Amorim and non-identified girl.

According to a conversation I had over the telephone with aunt Dulce Roza Amorim Coelho on 12 January 2017 - the story goes:

As pessoas desta foto, começando com as que estão em pé, da esquerda p'ra direita: a criança primeira eu não conheço; a segunda é a Maria Rosa; a próxima é a Nair Martins, irmã do Zé Martins, e a outra é a Nadir Martins, minha querida irmã-de-criação. 

Na fileira da frente vem a Francisca de Oliveira, a Antonia Amorim, e vem a Petra, colega da Antonia, filha da espanhola dona Mateia e, finalmente, minha Mãe, Altina Rosa de Jesus. A foto foi batida em frente de nossa casa na Rua Rio Grande do Sul, 390.

Nair Martins & Nadir Martins

Nair & Nadir were sisters. Their mother Catharina Maria Nazareth died in 1941, when she was only 33 years old and left 5 children of various ages that were taken away by strangers to be raised in some rural property near Ourinhos or Avaré-SP.

Catharina was one of my grandfather Fernando Antonio Amorim's sister Emilia Maria Nazareth's two daughters - the other was called Francisca Maria Nazareth aka Chica.

Catharina married Domingos Martins when she was 17 years old and they had 5 children:

José Martins - 10 September 1926
Nair Martins - born circa 1928
Francisca Martins
Nadir Martins - 19 July 1937
João Amorim - who was registered as Virgilio Amorim's son.

After Catharina's death, Domingos simply up & left his children never to return. So the kids were scattered around rural properties (sitios). Zé Martins who was 14 years old and could fend for himself went to Marilia and stayed with his grandmother Emilia known in the family as Tia Nenê.

After some time, a man visiting Marilia told Fernando Amorim that he had been to a 'sitio' where he saw those children being abused and in a precarious situation. Fernando went to the rural property and took all of them back to Ourinhos. Fernando asked his younger brother Virgilio Amorim - who always wanted to have a baby boy but had only daughters - to take João Martins, Catharina's youngest child and register him as João Amorim. So João Martins became João Amorim.

Then, Fernando took Nair and Nadir Martins - who was only 2 years old - to be raised as his own children in Marilia. Nair was already a young lady of 13 who could not read or write. Fernando paid a woman to teach the girl the ABC but Nair never quite adapted to her new home.

Nair had the habit of lying through her teeth. Fernando thought it a most disagreeable feature and told her if she continued this practice he would have to let her go. Fernando would take her back to Ourinhos where they spotted Domingos Martins who had remarried and had a brand-new family.

By that time Dulce Amorim (14) and Nair Martins (15) were working at Fiação Macú, all the way on Rua São Luiz next to Vila São Miguel - where they handled silk cocoons in boiling vats to extract the silk threads that would be rolled into reels to be sent somewhere else to be turned into fabric. Dulce says Nair would not show up for work for days on end and when Fernando would query her she simply gave the most outrageous lies as an answer.

Fernando thought he was going nowhere with Nair and as he had warned took her back to Ourinhos and left her with her father Domingos and his new family. It didn't take long for Nair to get married to Joaquim Maciel and have many children.

It seems Nair didn't hold any grudge against Fernando Amorim's family. Dulce says Nair would write letters from Ourinhos even after she got married maybe just to enjoy the power of being able to communicate through paper and pen. After all, she was literate only because she had lived under the guidance of her great-uncle.   

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Beatriz Scarpetti weds Francisco de Almeida 1959

1959 was a momentous year for the Darin family. When Marco Giovanni Battista Da Rin Zoldan aka João Baptista Darin, 87 years old, died of natural causes on 28 August 1959, her grand-daughter Beatriz Scarpetti who had aldready set her wedding date for 17 December 1959 thought she would have to cancel it. But the 'aunties' - her mother Angela Darin's sisters wouldn't hear of it and told Bia to go ahead with her plans so the wedding date was confirmed even though most of the female members of the Darin family were still wearing Black as mourning for the Patriarch. So here are some photos of Bia's wedding Chico on a Wednesday afternoon at Santo Antonio's church. 
Beatriz Scarpetti enters Santo Antonio's main isle with her brother Alecio Scarpetti being led by a very circumspect Herminia Maria Batista as the flower-girl.
Alecio gives his sister Beatriz away to her future husband Francisco de Almeida.
the newly-weds leave the altar towards the church front-door... Herminia keeps her face unmoved all the time...
Beatriz & Chiquinho; Herminia's ordeal is almost at an end...
Beatriz & Chico already man & wife; Alecio Scarpetti & his wife Maria Puerta on the right.

look who's all alone by the table with the wedding cake - on the right-hand-side... yes, Herminia, the flower-girl.
here's Beatriz in an earlier photo with her future flower-girl, Herminia Maria Batista.

some comments by FB users about Francisco de Almeida;

Corbi Bragas writes on 24 November 2016: casamento do Chiquinho de Almeida da Farmácia da rua Coronel Galdino de Almeida (sem parentesco), antiga rua Barão de Bananal; ficava próxima à Retificadora Marília. O Chiquinho costurou minha cabeça rachada, rs.

Nelson Fukai writes: Tomei muita injeção na Farmácia do Chiquinho. Um morenão forte era o responsável pelas aplicações e era xingado muito pela criançada. A farmácia era vizinha do Bar do Barbosa, onde chorões se reuniam no final da tarde para se divertirem tocando Pixinguinha, Waldyr de Azevedo, Jacob do Bandolim, entre outros. Mas o 'Brabo', do ferro-velho que tinha do outro lado da rua, não era muito a fim. Afinal, o sobrinho era um dos membros dos Sentimental Boys.
Regina Aparecida Perpétuo writes: Nelson Fukai brindando-nos sua excelente memória. Ai vai foto dos Sentimental Boys. O Brabo é o que toca acordeon. Não sei se é o Nilson ou Nivaldo. E a preferencia do morador da frente era sertaneja.

Nelson Fukai: o Brabo da orquestra, acho, que morava na rua 24 de Dezembro entre a Cel. Galdino e a Avenida Rio Branco.

from left to right: Beatriz Scarpetti holds Julio Cesar, her 2nd child; Fernando Euflasino who was Chico's cousin; Francisco Jose, Bia's 1st son; Mario Roberto de Almeida, Beatriz's brother-in-law. Photo taken in front of the house Bia shared with husband Chico on Rua Bom Fim next to Rua Coronel Galdino de Almeida; circa 1966.

Maria Lucia G.Sinhorini writes on FB: Chico had many siblings: Cida, Kalu, Luiz (casou com Sueli) e Mario Roberto (Sansão). My mother was Chico's mother's sister, tia Maria. 

My Mother married twice; my father Gonçalves was her 1st husband; then she became a widow and married again and had Fernando Euflasino, who died of a motorcycle accident when he was only 21 years old in 1983.