Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Prefeitura de Marilia

Prefeitura de Marilia on the corner of Rua 9 de Julho and Rua Sao Luiz. It was built in the early 1930s. My grandfather Giovanni Battista Da Rin Zoldan had a mixed-business shop on the very spot which he had opened in early 1928. The business went bankrupt because my Grand-dad was naive and sold on credit to people who never paid back. Mr. Darin who was born in Belluno, Italy in 1871, arrived in Brazil in 1888 and lived most of his life as a farmer in São José do Rio Pardo-SP.

He made a little capital and at the age of 56 he thought he'd start a new life as a small business man and moved to Alto-Cafezal-Marilia in November 1927. He'd should've known better than enter a new medium at such a late age. 

After that he worked as a book-keeping man for a few sound business men in Marilia and found means to support his large family for 32 years until his death in 1959.